Sunday, August 02, 2015

Persian Gulf War 25th Anniversary, 2 August 1990

At 0100 hrs (Kuwait time), 2 August 1990, I Corps and II Corps, Republican Guard Forces Command (RGFC), commanded by Lieutenant General Iyad Futayyih Khalifah al-Rawi, attacked across the Kuwaiti frontier.  The Hammurabi Armored Division supported by the Nebuchadnezzar Motorized Infantry Division, and the Tawakalna Mechanized Infantry Division with the Al Faw Infantry Division in support, spearheaded the main attack south into Kuwait along the Safwan-‘Abdally axis, driving toward the Al-Jahra pass.  

Farther west, the Medina Armored Division supported by the Adnan Infantry Division and the Baghdad Mechanized Infantry Division also crossed the frontier. Simultaneous with the main attacks, units from the 8th As Saiqa Special Operations Divisions conducted an air assault attack on key installations in Kuwait City; and an amphibious attack on Bayan Palace, the Amir’s official residence.    

By 0530 the two attacking columns had linked up with the special operations units just west of Kuwait City. By 1900 hrs they had captured Kuwait City and were pressing toward the coastal, port cities.  

On 3 August 1990 The New York Times reported, “Without warrant or warning, Iraq has struck brutally at a tiny Kuwait, a brazen challenge to world law. Iraq stands condemned by a unanimous UN Security Council . . . President Bush’s taste for bluntness stands him in good stead: ‘Naked Aggression!’ is the correct term for President Saddam Hussein’s grab at a vulnerable, oil-rich neighbor.” 

Recommended readings: 

Ballard, John R. From Storm to Freedom: America’s Long War with Iraq (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press), 2010. 

Conduct of the Persian Gulf War: Final Report to Congress (Washington, D. C.: Department of Defense), 1992.


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